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Outlandish Production Scale!

Unleash Your Imagination with 70MM GUYS' Mammoth-Sized Creativity!

Ever wanted

Picture this:

Our creative arsenal includes

But hold onto your astronaut helmets,

And if you think we're all about the serious stuff,

Ready to go where no production has gone before?

Hold onto your director's chair, because 70MM GUYS is turning your wildest production dreams into reality with our mind-bending Production Scale service! From minuscule ideas to colossal concepts, we've got the magic wand to supersize your vision and transform it into an audio-visual spectacle that'll leave jaws on the floor!

To create a commercial that's so big it could double as a landing pad for UFOs? Or perhaps a promotional video that could give Mount Everest a run for its money in the height department? Look no further – our Production Scale wizards are here to make your grandiose dreams take flight, literally!

A city skyline backdrop, a troupe of synchronized flying elephants, and a choir of singing dolphins. With our production prowess, there's no concept too wacky, no idea too far-fetched. From a one-man band to a full-blown marching orchestra, we'll orchestrate a visual extravaganza that's more show-stopping than a meteor shower at a fireworks factory.

Larger-than-life sets, CGI that could make unicorns jealous, and a cast of characters so diverse you'd think they escaped from a parallel universe. We don't just think outside the box – we kicked the box into the stratosphere and are now building a cosmic theme park around it!

Because we're not stopping at Earth-bound creativity. Ever wanted to film a video on Mars? Well, strap in, because our Production Scale service knows no planetary bounds! We'll bring the red planet to you, complete with alien extras and a soundtrack that could make the Martian rocks groove.

Think again! We're the masters of mixing comedy with colossal ideas. Your production won't just be epic; it'll be a belly-laugh-inducing rollercoaster through the universe of humour, with pit stops at cosmic comedy clubs and intergalactic amusement parks.

Grab your astronaut ice cream and join 70MM GUYS on an expedition to the farthest reaches of imagination with our Production Scale service. From mind-boggling sets to jaw-dropping effects, we're the architects of awe and the maestros of massive. Are you prepared to be the star of your own blockbuster?

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