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Because Carrier Pigeons Were Fully Booked!

Message Pigeons (Disclaimer: Figurative)

Regrettably, our pigeon mail service is grounded due to the birds demanding union benefits and first-class peanuts. However, we've trained our team to mimic pigeon sounds during calls. Just in case.

+91 79768 52505

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Crystal Ball Consultation (Kidding, But Not Really)

Get to Know Us!

While we can't predict lottery numbers, our customer service has an uncanny knack for predicting your needs. Just kidding, but if you ask really nicely, they might surprise you. Also, our crystal ball is actually a snow globe, but it's pretty magical.


So, intrepid communicator, unleash your creativity and choose your preferred method of reaching out. Whether it's an email blast, a virtual cosmic dance, or simply typing on a keyboard, we're here and eagerly waiting to hear from you. Get ready for a journey that defies the laws of seriousness and embraces the boundless realms of whimsy!

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